Wednesday, July 30, 2014


 I have been practicing my feathers so I could add them to my FMQ repertoire. They are so much fun!

Here's the single feather wave I quilted on the border to my Le Jardin quilt a free embroidery design found at

Here are the drops on my king size sampler quilt. I used a single feather wave on the first blue border, a double feather wave on the outer blue border and designed a feather motif for the outer blue cornerstone to carry the hearts from the inner read border.


  1. Laura your feathers are so petite and pretty. I love the little rounded edges on them -- they look perfect with your beautifully embroidered quilt. Thanks for sharing at Amy's - I found you there. BTW: Your loon quilt is precious too -- did you get the pattern from Elise Dente ? She is a wonderfully talented designer yes ?? Karen

  2. Hi Karen: Thanks for the kind comment. I love my loon wall hanging - the pattern is "Loon Dance" by Bee Creative Studio. Laura