Friday, July 12, 2013

"Look Ma, no pattern!"

Kelley's quilt on our bed. Machine appliqued flowers. It's difficult to see the quilting on the black, but it's echo quilting around the appliques and then FMQ of flowers and loops. Cross-hatched on the rest of the border.

Mason's holding up the quilt in front of the porch.

Kelley wanted a black quilt with flowers.
 I was inspired sew a modern quilt for Kelley when I saw a picture of a quilt with a similar geometric design. I added the flowers to the corners. I used Kona solids for the bright colors. The purple fabric is Seasonal Gatherings and is quilted with cross-hatching. The gray is from Simply Imagine and is quilted with vertical straight lines.  The remaining color blocks are quilted with a zigzag.